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Amplified Hearing LLC

With years of experience to draw upon, our company is a great place to go to improve your hearing.

Choose from a wide range of audiology services to help you get your hearing back.

Our hearing aids are affordable, comfortable, and best of all, very dependable.

Protect your hearing while not missing out on the sounds you need to hear with our products.

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My goal is to provide you with the most positive patient experience in Northeastern PA.  I will improve your ability to hear, not just sell you a hearing aid.  My expertise in choosing technology to fit your hearing needs, my detailed follow-up, and my continued service plan is what makes our journey down the road to BETTER HEARING a success.  Thank you for choosing me as Your Hearing Professional!


Dr. Frank Baur, Au.D


"People want to be helped, not Sold."

               -Bill Austin, Starkey Corp.-

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